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How to set up wordpress cookie plugin step by step

WordPress set cookie plugins setup how to set up WordPress cookie plugin step by step

To learn about WordPress set cookie plugins set up in this blog. WordPress cookie is used to store user information and behaviour to enhance user experience. In the EU a website needs to collect the cookies of users.  In this blog, we try to understand your WordPress cookie consent plugins step by step. This blog will help you how to set up the WordPress cookie plugin step by step. You also know about the best WordPress cookie plugin in this blog post. If your want to target European users you must use the WordPress cookies plugin to collect cookies.

What is Cookie?

A cookie is specific data to store your information like user name, email address, and password. It also collects your searches and interest to get to know about your experience. It is also collect your session information that how you spend your time at any site, Also collect eCommerce info and your likes or dislike. This cookie data is store in your browser, when your browser is connected with your network server it shares your cookie to enhance your experience.

Types of Cookies

Following are the types of cookies.

Session cookies

In this type of cookie your information date in the store for a session, such as your activity like travel, Make money online. But at the end of the session, the is erased.

Tracking cookies

In this type of cookie, the website uses your information about your shopping and eCommerce. They send you emails through your cookies based that what types of searches you have done.

Personalization cookies

In this type of cookie, the site uses your data and you will see the Ads according to your searches or your session.

Google cookies

Google also stores your cookie data. How to check your cookie information in google, Go to the setting you will see in your google cookie information as shown below pics.

wordpress cookie settings
WordPress cookie settings

You also set your google cookie preference and delete it easily, also check the below pic to see more info

wordpress plugin cookies
WordPress plugin cookies

WordPress cookies plugin list

  1. GDPR cookie consent
  2. WP AutoTerms
  3. GDPR Cookie Compliance

WordPress GDPR plugin installation

To install a plugin WordPress you will read our blog about how to add a plugin in WordPress step by step. First, you go to your admin panel, How to login to your WordPress admin panel see our article. It is the best cookie plugin for WordPress.

Click on add new plugin and write in search box GDPR, you will see a list of plugins for using wp cookies. GDPR plugin will be visible just click on install and activate your plugin.

wordpress cookie consent plugin
WordPress cookie consent plugin

GDPR Setting

After installation of your plugin click on the setting.  from the general setting, you change your cookie bar, cookie law, and auto-hide cookie pop as shown below pic.

WordPress cookie consent without plugin
WordPress cookie consent without plugin

Customize cookie Bar

This section will customize your cookie bar message as appear when the user visits your site.  You also change your cookie heading. From this section, you will change your cookie colour, font colour, and font style. after reading this blog you will be able to install  cookies plugin for WordPress

UK cookie consent WordPress plugin
UK cookie consent WordPress plugin

Customize your Cookie Button

From this section, you will customize your cookie button easily. You will change the cookie colour and cookie main Text from this area. Background colour and size of cookie will also control from that part of the setting.

we try our best to understand your WordPress set cookie plugins setup.

WordPress GDPR cookie Consent plugin
WordPress GDPR cookie Consent plugin

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