Best seo software for small business

seoranktools | Best seo software for small business

Google keyword planner is a free best seoranktools. Serpstat is also the best free and premium seoranktools for small and large businesses. Free and Premium SEO tools list is the following.


Semrush is the top seoranktools, In which you track and monitor your SEO keywords.

Semrush show you keyword difficulty and how a word is difficult for ranking. If KD (Keyword Difficulty) is 0—–10, Then is very easy to target this keyword.

It also shows the CPC of a keyword, and how much the keyword is profitable for you. You also read how to add a post to a page in WordPress.

seoranktools | Best seo software for small business
seoranktools | Best SEO software for small business

In semrush you also track your competitor’s keyword, That is how your competitor is grown his website and backlinks.

Semrush also provides you with a detailed webpage audit. It is also the best keyword research tool, That you find the most profitable and low completion keywords. You also conduct a detailed competitor analysis, and audit to find your competitor’s strategies. Find high CPC keywords and monitor your social media performance.

Semrush is a Paid tool for a 30-day free trial. It has cost $ 99.95 per Month.

AHREFS is also using Ahrefs tools for keyword researching. It is similar to semrush, But semrush is advanced in some categories like site analysis.

This keyword is best for keyword research and is the best seoranktools for small businesses and large-scale businesses. You also add your website for free to ahref to analyze your site for free. Also, add 10 URLs of your competitors to track their position.


Ahref also shows the SERP position of a target keyword, required backlink, and domain authority. You also search high CPC, Low difficulty keywords using Ahref. Ahref also conducts a site audit that is free for you.


Serpstat is the best and cheap seoranktools. Which is used for SERP Position, SEO audit, and keyword research. You also entered your domain name and project name to create your own project.


When you entered your domain or any competitor domain it gives you a brief summary, Like organic keywords and their position on SERP. Also, provide search volume and CPC of keywords. It also shows you the top pages and your competitor in organic search results.

You also conduct keyword research using SERPSTAT. It is the best seoranktools for small and large business. It gives you detailed results Like Keyword volume, Position, Traffic per month, KD, and CPC of the keyword.

SERPSTAT is not a free tool but you use some features as free.

  • SERPSTAT Price is $69/Month

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the best and free seoranktools for beginners and Professionals also. This tool is owned by Google to facilitate the advertiser that how a keyword is cheap and expensive. Just enter your target keyword and Google keyword planner show you a huge list of keywords related to your specific keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

In this tool, you also Target specific regions like Pakistan, the USA, India, or any other region in the world. It shows you the CPC of a keyword and volume per month in a specific period. You choose your period for your keyword.

You can download your keyword list in a CSV file. It is a free and best seoranktools for you.

Google Trends

Google Trends is also the best and free seoranktools for you. In this tool, you monitor your keyword or topic trend in the world. You can compare your keyword with another keyword and check the top trending.

Google Trends

It also shows trends country-wise, Like a target keyword is shown in USA’s top trend but in the UK it is not in trend. So you choose your users, Where your most users come to your site, and target that specific region to reach your target users.

It is the best and free seoranktools for e-commerce and news agencies to take trending topics for their users.


InLast, we discussed the seoranktools. All the above Five tools are best to rank your business in SEO.

But Google Keyword Planner and Ahref free tools are the best. So if you have any questions about seoranktools, You can comment to me with thanks.

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