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SEO smart links – How to install Plugins step by step

Internal linking is very important for a blog post or blog to get internal link juice, For this purpose, we explain a WordPress plugin SEO Smart links.
SEO Smart links are essential to use it. It gets links your posts to each other by using its interlinking process. If you have no idea how to install a plugin in WordPress read our blog post. Visit for cheap WordPress Hosting.

Install SEO Smart Links Plugin

How to install SEO smart links Plugin step by step

First Download SEO smart links and then go to the WordPress dashboard. From the WP dashboard, you select plugins and click on the plugin. Then click on Add a Plugin. After that, a new window will be open and you will select and click on upload a plugin. Choose your plugin in a zip folder and click on install. After installation clicks on Activate button to activate your plugin.
When your plugin is activated then refresh your dashboard and you will see the SEO SMART LINKS on the left side of the dashboard.
After that click on SEO Smart links and click on the option for more settings as shown in the below picture. You can also read the Best SEO tool ranks.

The setting of the Internal link-building plugin

Seo Smart links give you the option to which you link your post manual or auto. If you want to link your post manual then choose the first option and if you want to Link your post automatically then choose the option (Allow post-auto-linking to itself). This work also you can do for your blog pages.
You also choose post duration (Publishing time) for your posts and pages. If you want to auto-link your post to an internal link then choose the start date of your first post. If do not want, Because you have already linked your older post. Then choose that you want to interlink by SEO Smart links.
See the below pic.

SEO smart links - How to install Plugins step by step
Link Builder Plugin

Step 3 Block Pages, Posts, and Keywords

If you want to Block some pages, posts, and keywords, SEO Smart links do not generate internal links. You can choose this. For example, if you want to not link your Privacy Page, Then just write the Exact keyword of that page and your page will be blocked and your WordPress plugin will generate no internal link. The above work will be done for your posts. Just write your post name (Post Title) and your post will be blocked.
If you want to block a specific keyword to not link by your Plugin, Then write your keyword and that keyword will be blocked and no internal linking will be generated against that keyword. Visit for Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Bluehost.

Block your specific page and post
Block your specific page and post

Step 4 External Linking

If you want to open your links in the same window and do-follow the attribute then use the below setting. You also use some domains for whitelisted that you use for do-follow backlinks. You just entered your domain name and save it, That specific domain will be excluded from the no-follow domain list.
If you want to open your link in a new window and add a nofollow attribute then check the following boxes. Your link will be open in a new window and it will be a no-follow link.
You can also make a link no-follow but open in the same window, and also make a link to open in a new window but do follow by checking or unchecking the box accordingly.
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You can use SEO Smart links for internal linking but you can make just 2 or 3 links for the best user experience.

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