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how to make money from website

In this blog we discuss some methods how to make money from website traffic. There are many methods to make money from your website or blog.
The main things which is required to make money from your website is visitors. The more visitors the more money, The less visitors the less money. It means when your blog gets oragainc traffic it will be easy to convert it to paid subscription, buy something or even they click on ads on your website. So this way you can make money online from your website. Now we discuss some methods how to make money from website traffic or views. Visit blog commenting backlinks sites lists.

make money from ad network

The first method is to apply for an ad network Like Google adsense, Media.Net, infolinks etc. This adnetwork will pay you for ads clicks or cpm(cost per miles).

When a visitors click on an ads on your website, The adnetwork will pay you some amount for this click.
For example: if some one click an google ads and cpc(cost per click) of ads is 0.30 $ usd and you get 100 clicks per day, Then your revenue will be cpc*total clicks ( 0.30$ X 100 = 30$ USD)
You also pay for ads impression, For example if a cpm for 10000 impression is 2000 $ usd then you will pay for 1000 ads impression ( 2000$/10000= 0.20$). It depends on your visitors location.

make money from affiliate marketing

Now we discuss how to make money from website using affiliate marketing. Whats is affiliate marketing? When you promote a product with your referral link. When a user click on your affiliate link and make a purchase (in some cases like send in blue sign up and earn 5 euro) then you will get a commission, So this is affiliate marketing.
You can promote these products on your blog, youtube or any social media accounts.
There are many option to apply for affiliate marketing, The best is Amazon affiliate, ebay, shareable and many more.

sell ad space on your website

In this you can sell your ad space to any advertiser. You can place ads for a week or for a month basis. You also offer ad space for clicks or views. It is also called sponsor advertisement. Search google for those advertiser who offer CPA (cost per action) ads.

Ask for Donation

You can offer donation option to your users to donate you. You can explain all your costs of your blog time consumption for creating the content to gain the trust of your users. Users may be pay with paypal or use a donation plugin from wordpress plugin directory.

make an ecommerce website

how to make money from ecommerce websit? It is the best and valuable method to make money from e commerce website. You can create a blog by wordpress and then install woocommerce plugin or shopifiy to list your products and sell online.
You also list your affiliate marketing products and link to your affiliate account. When some one purchase a product you will receive a commission.

sell ebooks online

Sell e books also a best method to earn online. The topics like seo or digital marketing or any other topic, just write an ebook and publish it on amazon or list on own blog. It is the best way to make money online by selling e books.

sell your course online

Another best way to make money online by selling online courses. Record your course video by camtasia and publish it by udemy or thinkfic or teachable. Udemy is the best website to sell your online courses. Visit my courses wordpress for beginners and google adsense course.

make money from sponsored content

It is also a best method to offer sponsored posts. You just charge from a brand a create a post about that brand. You also offer 10 $ or 15 $ for a backlinks to the other blogger. Its means you sell backlinks to make money online. Here is the list of high da pa profile backlinks list.

sell your services online

You can offer your services like seo manager or digital marketer to market your customer product. If you have an financial consultant you can offer financial consultaion services to your users.

make money from subscriptions

Offer paid subscription to your users. When some purchase the plan they will pay you per month subscription fees. There is a lot of plugin like bbpress.

sell your website online

This is also a best way to make money online by selling your website online. You can sell your website by Flippa a best place to sell your your blog. You also sell your domain on Flippa. Flippa is not a free it is a paid website and it is also charge commission after selling your website.

publish your premium post

You can publish premium posts to earn online. In this method you can protect your post using password. When some one click on your post, They first pay you and then access to the premium content. You also offer paid posts from blogger who to write on your blog.


The above are the few methods of how to make money from website. There are many more ways to make money from website views and advertisment. Subscribe our youtube channel.

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