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How to install wordpress locally using xampp

If you want to create a testing site for practice or your YouTube videos, You will be know How to install WordPress locally using xampp. It is the easiest way to learn WordPress from scratch and practice it to improve your skills. 

In this blog, we try to understand How to install WordPress locally. If you have wanted to make a blog and get cheap WordPress hosting then you visit Bluehost, because it’s the cheapest WordPress hosting. 

Download Xampp

Open google and write in the search bar XAMMP you will see the downloadable link on the first page. Click on it and download the xampp to install him.


Xampp Setup

when you download xampp then click on setup to install xampp on your pc.


Select Xampp Components

After clicking on the Next button, On the next screen, you will see the xampp components. All these components for WordPress do not compulsory you only choose

  • PHPMyAdmin 
  • MySQL

uncheck all boxes except the above and click on the Next button to complete the process of how to install WordPress locally.

how install wordpress locally

Select folder to Install XAMPP

When you click on next you will be shown the installation folder by default folder. You can change this folder by clicking the folder icon to choose your own folder. if you have a long-term project then I have suggested you change the folder Because some windows go corrupt and you lose all files which you store in folder C where windows normally installed. 

 install wordpress on xammp

Uncheck the Bitnami Box

After next you will the below pic, uncheck the box, and click on next

wordpress locally

Ready to Install

You will see the ready to install message, which means that xampp is ready to install. You also check our post about how to install a plugin in WordPress step by step.

wordpress locally

your xampp setup is installing it takes some minutes.

After installing the setup you can launch the xampp setup by click Finish.

Start your Testing Server

When you start the xampp setup you will see the below option as shown in the pic. You only required to start

  • Apache
  • MySQL

Start both modules on the xampp control panel.

WordPress on localhost

when you click on start it will be run and change his status from normal to green.

Check Local Host Dashboard

After running the xampp server, Now you write in your browser 


Press enter to see your local dashboard.

 How to install WordPress on localhost

After access, your localhost dashboard now installs the WordPress files to complete the WordPress locally installation process. 

Add WordPress Files

Now you can download WordPress from click on that link WordPress download.

Then you open the folder where you install the xampp folder C://XAMPP. After opening the folder you will see a folder htdocs, Open this folder and create a new folder into it. The folder must be the same as you want to create your site name. For example 

I have created a Folder name MCQPLATFORM because my test site name is also MCQPLATFORM.

 How to install WordPress on localhost

In the below pic you will see that I have created the folder name MCQPLATFORM

After the creating of your desired folder now open the folder and extract WordPress files here in the same folder as you created.

 How to install WordPress on localhost

Create Database for WordPress

Now you need to create a database to install WordPress on xampp. for this run xampp and click on MySQL Admin to create a database for WordPress installation on localhost.

install wordpress on xampp

Then click on the database at the top, as shown in the below pic

After clicking on the database now you enter your site name as same as you create a folder in htdocs folder, for example, MCQPLATFORM as I have created for this test site, as shown in the below picture.

Install WordPress locally

Now you open your Search browser and enter 


   Note: In the mcqplatform, you will be entering your database name as you create it in the htdocs folder.

it is the sampling method to install WordPress on xampp step by step.

install wordpress on xammp

after clicking on the Continue button you see the below figure on your screen

  • Database Name:          mcqplatform               
  • Username:                    root
  • Password:                   should be blank

and then click on Submit

now it’s the time of your question that how to install WordPress locally using xampp step by step.

After submitting you will see this option put your desired password, Email. You also check your weak password by checking the box to confirm the use of a weak password. and then click on the Install button to install WordPress locally.

 install wordpress on xammp

Now your website is ready to use. It is the sampling method to install WordPress locally using xampp.

install wordpress on xampp

You also check out our other articles on how to log in to the WordPress admin panel

If you want cheap WordPress hosting then click on Bluehost it’s the cheapest WordPress hosting platform.

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