How to create Facebook account – Fb account without phone number

How to create Facebook account without phone number.

If you looking to how to create Facebook account for business, So read this article you will learn about how to create Facebook account for business. We try to understand your step by step in this blog post. Most people have their own and want to create Facebook or Instagram accounts for their personal use or for Business use, Because marketing through Facebook marketing is very easy and you can target your specific customer in the whole world by your Facebook. In this blog first, we create a Facebook account. So in this blog you will learn how to create facebook account without phone number.

Open Facebook webpage

To create a Facebook account first you open your browser and type and enter, you will see the Facebook login page as seen in the below pic. At the bottom of the page, you will see Sign Up button left side, as highlighted in the pic.

facebook account

Adding your information 

After you click on signup, You will see a registration form on Facebook to create a new account. In this form enter your all information as shown in the form or you see in the below pic. 

  1. First Name and Surname
  2. Mobile Number or Email Address
  3. New Password
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Gender ( Male or Female or Custome ( custom is used for transgender people)
  6. Click on Signup

Note: In column 2: Where a Mobile number or email is required, You only entered your email if do not want to use your cell No. It is the method that how to create a Facebook account without a phone number.

But my suggestion is that to put your real data to Facebook if you want to create your brand info and Business.

fb account

Upload DP and Cover Photo

After creating your Facebook account, You will see your profile which is empty. Now you click on Edit cover photo to upload your cover photo. The dimensions of your cover photo are 820 by 312. 

From here you also set your Profile “DP”, Click on the camera icon and upload your desired DP. 

You also Edit your bio from here and write about that who are you?

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create fb account

Edit Bio-Data (Facebook Account)

When you upload your DP and Cover photo then you also put your complete bio-data about

  1. yourself
  2. Your Business
  3. Your country
  4. Hobbies
  5. Your Educational Background

You also see in the below pic, That from this area you also upload your Pics and Videos. In this section, you can create your post.

Click on that option where a sentence is written that  ” What’s on Your Mind” to create your first post.

Facebook Business account setup

When You click on Edit Profile as shown in the above pic, You also see your full profile list where you can edit and change any info about your profile.

From this section, you also connect your other social accounts like

  1. Website
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Youtube
  5. Twitter

facebook account creation

From this section, you will create your Stories, Check your friend list, and your family member which is already joined Facebook. You also add your relationship status means that you are married or engaged or still single.

account creation facebook

facebook account setup

Settings and Privacy

To create a Facebook account for the business you will be carefully set your privacy area Because sometimes you lock your search appearance on Facebook and your post does not reach the Concern person which may be your future customer.

From this section, you will control your privacy checkup, activity log, and Language. see the pic below.

facebook account creation

General Settings

When you click on the setting you will redirect to the below page as shown in the above picture.

From a general setting, you will change the following information of your Facebook account.

  • Name
  • User Name
  • Contact
  • Ad account contact
  • Manage account
  • Identity confirmation

Security and Login

From this part, you control your login security to secure your Facebook account from hacking.

Your Facebook information

From this section, you will see your complete Facebook activity, your all comments, your searches and even you will download your data from Facebook.


In this section, you will control your privacy setup that who send you a friend request, who see your post. From this section, you decided that who can reach you on Facebook and who or not to touch you through Facebook.  for example

  • Who can see what you share?
  • How to keep your account secure?
  • How do people find you on Facebook?
  • Your data setting on Facebook?

All the above information you set from this section.


From this area, you block any user that you want. just click on Blocking you will see the option Block Users: Clik on the search option write the name of the person or profile that you want to block and add in the block list the user will block.

Location Setting

From this section, you set your location in which region you live or belong. 

Language and Region Settings

From this section, you will set your Facebook language. By default facebook use the English language if you want to change your language in your local language, It will be changed from this section.  You also change that in which language your post will be translated by facebook.  See the pic below and open your Facebook account setting. 

facebook setting


We try to understand you in the easy steps to create your Facebook account. If you like this article so share this with your friends. you also check our articles about WordPress blogging to create your own blog and share your content with other people. 

There is a common question on google that can I create a Facebook account without phone number? so our answer is Yes. After reading this blog you will be able to create facebook account without phone number.

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Noor Wali Baz Afridi

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