how to create a page in facebook for business

How to create a page on Facebook – how to create a Facebook page

The Facebook business page is a free resource to market your brand, product, or your services. In this blog, you will learn how to create a page on Facebook. To create a  Facebook page you must have a personal Facebook account Because the Facebook page is connected with your personal Facebook account but your personal account and your Facebook business page is a different account. Page insight, likes, share other activities are totally separate from your personal Facebook account. To will see our post about how to create a Facebook account. If you want to create a WordPress site for your business you also check this cheap and best WordPress hosting

How to create a Facebook page

To create a Facebook business page you will be the first login into your personal account because it is compulsory for creating a FB page. After login into your account you will see on the right-hand side a Button (+) that means Create, click on that Create button you will see post, story, room, page, Ad, Group, and Event, You click on Page a form will be open with the title “Create a Page“.

Enter your FB page name

after a click on creating a button, the page creation form will be open. Now you enter your desire page name that suits your business.

Enter your category

This option is very important, choose a category that explains your business. Enter a word you will see some suggestion by Facebook, in which you select your desired category for your business or brand. If you have wanted more than one category then you choose that category which people like more. On this page, I chose the education category so just enter a keyword about education for example “Edu” you will see the category list in the drop-down which is available for your page.

Write your page Description

The Facebook page provides you to write something about your page. In this section, you will describe your business and brand for your users and customer information. When someone sees or searches a term first he will try to read your description that what about your page, what is your brand properties, or what is your blog target area. So I suggest you write a complete description of your page to make a good user experience.

After writing your description click on the ” Create Page” button on the left bottom to create your page. see the pic below.

how to create a page in facebook for business

Add profile picture

After adding your information you add your profile picture. upload a good image that describes your brand or business because it gives a good impression on your customer. your profile image should be 180 by 180 pixels. You create your profile picture online free of cost.  if you have a brand then use your business logo in profile picture to market your brand through your Facebook page.

Add cover photo

You also add a cover photo to enhance your page. The cover photo dimension is 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels is Tall. In the cover photo write about your main business points or any services that you provided. All images that you uploaded to your page must similar to your business or brand, It is important for your brand publicity.

Connect your Facebook page to WhatsApp

Whatsapp is another social feature by Facebook? Now facebook provide you to connect your page to your whats app number, which anyone can contact through whats app. It has a fast track to interact with your customer. Nowadays many customer contacts that brands which have a

“Call to Action Button”

Add Call to Action Button

When you go to manage your page you will see on the Right side a button that means “Add Action Button” Call to action button depends on your brand or business. If your business is Tourism then you choose a call to action button such as Book Now, and if you have a Doctor or running a Clinic you also choose this button to book your customer appointment. There are many Call to action button, Detail is below

  1. Follow: This button is used when you want to follow by your users. This button is used by bloggers or Entrepreneurs to follow by people.
  2. View Gift Card: If you a website where you sell online gift cards then you choose this button to divert your user to your Gift card website.
  3. Start Order: If you have any food business where you want to customer place orders then you select this button.
  4. Receive Calls: This button is used when you want to receive calls from your customers.
  5. Play Game: If you have any online gaming site where you want to people play games online then this action button is right for you.
  6. Watch Video: If you have a video site or YouTube channel then you choose this button to divert your visitor to your YouTube channel or your video site.
  7. Sign Up: When you want to convert your user to your blog subscriber or You running an affiliate marketing campaign to make more sign up then you choose this button When someone clicks on this button he will be redirected to your concern page.

There are many Call to action button which you describe one by one. From where you access your call to action button sees the pic below.

how to create facebook page

Create Username for Facebook Page

It is important to create a user name to find your page on Facebook. It is a vanity URL in which you use your brand keyword. Username can be up to 50 characters but I have suggested you use the short username to find easily for someone. A short username will help tag your page by someone and it will be remembered easily. You also change your username.  How to create the username of your Facebook page just go to the Manage page, on the bottom you will see Edit page info, click on that you will see the option from where you can change your Facebook page name and your Facebook page username. see as shown in the below pic.

facebook username

Add Business Details

From the above same option in which you change the username, you also add your business information. Scroll down the page you will see the business detail option.


Enter your category that represents your business. Facebook shows your business according to your categories. For example, if you have a Tourism business and you add a category about education so this not acceptable for Facebook to promote or show your business to the right person. So be careful to choose the right category for your business.

When you enter a keyword in a category you will see the drop-down list will show automatically category list according to your keyword.

Add Contact Details

You also add your contact details that you want to see publicly. There are two option for mobile number

  1.  One option is general any mobile number you can add
  2.  In the second option, Facebook wants to add a mobile number in which you a WhatsApp account.

Add the email address that visitors contact you through email address. You also add your website that you want to visit your users.

Geo Location

Enter your business location where your office, outlet, or Production unit exists. Enter your address, city name, and postcode correctly. Also, add your additional location details.

Add Your Business Hours

It is important to know your customer about your office timings. if you have work 24 hrs. or 9 to 5 enter your business time, Because its appear in search result and visible to your customer.

Other Option

You also add your price range. You can add your QR Code to scan by the customer to visit your site or see your product.  You also add your social account from here. At the bottom you will the heading other Accounts click on that option you will see a list of accounts like youtube, Instagram, snap chat and we chat, etc, add your social account. You also check our blog post on how to make a Facebook account step by step. see the pic below

how to add business details in facebook page

how to add business details in facebook page

Choose right Templates

There are options in Facebook to choose a template according to your business. If you have share videos review about your business then you choose the video templates. The most important templates are the following.

  1. Business Templates: This template helps you to describe your business in a better way.
  2. Non Profit Templates: This type of template is used by Fundraiser NGO to collect amounts from people.
  3. Public Figure: This template helps those who have a public figure like Traveler or Blogger to communicate with readers and followers.
  4. Restaurants and Cafes: This template help cafes to advertise his business share photo about his product to reach most people, and know about your Restaurants Menu, hours and locations.

how to choose a facebook page template

General Setting

Click on page setting and then click on General you will see a detailed list from where you control your page. Facebook page set will be totally controlled from that area.

Page visibility

If you want to visible your page to people then you choose the option “Page Published” but if you want to unpublished your Facebook page then you click on a page published you will two option page publish and Unpublished page. So choose your desired option. When you choose an unpublish the page, your page will not be visible to people.

Visitor Post

From this option, you control your post setting. If you want to anyone post adds videos on your page then you check on “Allow visitor to the page to publish post” and if you want that only admin can post on a page then you check on “Disable post by other people on the page”.

Country Restrictions

Facebook provides you an option country restrictions if you want to only visible your page in Pakistan then you click on country restrictions you will see two option

  1. Only show this Page to viewers in these countries
  2. Hide this page from viewers in these countries

Select the first option and write the name of the country you want to visible on your page of that country’s people and click on save, Your page only visible on that country’s people and hide from all counties. You also choose a method to hide your page. select country and check on hiding page option your page will not be visible in that specific country people.

Note: You select one or more countries for your page visibility or Hide page option. 

facebook page general setting

There are many options that you can edit from page settings.

Create Your First Post

Before inviting people you must have a sufficient amount of posts. Posts and videos describe your business. Create a beautiful post about your business or brand to attract people. Share your product picture or tell people to comment about your product than what they want to improve your product or your services.

how to create facebook page first post

Pinned Your Top Post

If you want to share some urgent or useful information about your page or business. If you announce a sale or discount offer or if you a traveler and announce your travel to a country then the Pinned post option is great for your visitor. When you pinned a post it will be visible under your page cover photo and when a user comes to your page he will see first your pinned post.

How to pin a post, Just click on your existing post three dots (…) you will see an option

“Pinto Top of Page” click on that dialogue your post will be pinned on top of the page.

how to pin a facebook post

You also check about how to create a Facebook account without a phone number. also, check our post on how to create an Instagram account. If you have liked our post, share this post with your social media accounts.

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