how to make an admin to facebook page

How to add admin to Facebook page – how to make a Facebook admin

A person who created a Facebook page will be automatically page admin. The page admin can change the page setting and templates. Admin has full access to the page. He created a post and also controls editing or delete this post. There are five types of Facebook page roles. Every role has a limit of his control but the admin can control full rights. The following is the types of Facebook page roles

  1. Admin
  2. Editor
  3. Moderator
  4. Advertiser
  5. Analyst

In this post, we describe the working and access control of the above Facebook page roles


The first question is that how to make a Facebook business page and the other question is that how to how to add admin to the Facebook page. This blog post will try to understand your Facebook page roles. Facebook page is a cheap source to advertise your business. There are a lot of people from the freelancing market that offers you to manage your Facebook advertising


When a business wants to run a Facebook page to advertise its brand then they use the above five-page roles to manage its marketing. Because nowadays freelancing is available and cheap to hire a freelancer and manage your Facebook page instead of hiring an employee, because the employee is so costly and freelancers just manage your page on your desirable rates in which both agree. 

Now we describe one by one how to manage Facebook page roles.

How to add admin to Facebook page


Open your Facebook page and go to page setting, after clicking on page setting you will see all the page setting buttons. Click on Page roles. Page roles section will be open and you will see below two headings

  1. Assign a new page role
  2. Existing page role


If you have already created page roles then click on Existing page role and if you have not yet created any page roles then click on Assign new page role. Click on, Jump to section to assign Facebook page roles to any person that you want. Select a page role and in the search bar write the name of the person to which you want to assign him Facebook page admin access, Name will appear and click on add and the person will be adding a page admin.


Warring:if you have added a new admin to your page he will be the same access as you have, even he will be access to delete your page”


Admin access list

Admin can create posts and send messages through messenger. Answer any comment and remove him. Admin connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page and share Instagram posts to your page. Admin will create and run ads, also access full business info and contacts. 

See the picture below, how to make someone an admin on the Facebook page


how to add admin to facebook page


How to add the editor to the Facebook page


From where you choose the admin, In that drop-down list, you also choose the second option of Editor. You make any one of your page editors manage your content. This option is used when you hire a freelancer to create content for your page. The following is the access of a Facebook page editor.


Page editors can create content and publish it and also control page messages. Create ads and see who creates posts and also controls comments. He also posts from Instagram to Facebook and access to view insight. 


how to add editor to facebook page
how to add the editor to the Facebook page

How to add a moderator to a Facebook page


On the Facebook page, the third role is the moderator. When you click on the Dropdown list you will see the moderator option, choose moderation and search the person name that you want to be a moderator of your page, and click on the add button. When you click on the add button Facebook will ask you to put your password to verify that you are the owner of this page.

See the picture below


how to add a moderator to a facebook page
how to add a moderator to a Facebook page

Advertiser role on the Facebook page


The advertiser’s role is to market and manage your ads. This role is very important, In the freelance market, this role is very usable. For example, a page owner who runs a brand to create sales is set in the USA or Pakistan or any other country, but he assigns the advertiser role to a person who set in Philphine to work for that brand. 

  • Advertiser can create Ads
  • If an Instagram account connect they can create ads from these Instagram accounts
  • He views page insight
  • He does not contribute in the comment
  • Does not post any content

See the pic below

advertiser role on Facebook page
advertiser role on the Facebook page

 The Facebook page analyst role


The last role on the Facebook page is an analyst. The Facebook page provides you insight, It means the data that your users and customers approach you from any region and country because Page managers want to analyze this data to improve sales and user experience, For this purpose, he hires an Analyst to explain the page insight for the Brand. 

  • An analyst can create ads
  • Also, see who can create a post and comment
  • He accesses the page insight
  • If an Instagram account is connected he will create ads from this account.

See the pic below 

facebook page analyst role
The Facebook page analyst role

In this post, we try to understand the process of Facebook page roles that how to make someone an admin on the Facebook page.

In the below diagram You will find the Facebook page role in one sheet.

Page Role Work Area Admin Editor Moderator Advertiser Analyst
Manage all pages settings and roles
Apps editing and Pages
Delete and create pages and posts
Send messages
Respond, Delete comment and posts to a page
Remove and ban people from the page
will create ads, post, and promotion from page
See insights on page
To view the quality tab of the page
Publish and manage jobs on page
Turn jobs feature
check who publish comment and post

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