how to link google merchant center to google ads

google merchant center – create new merchant center account

what is a google merchant account?

create new merchant center account

Gmail or Google business account

Personal Details/ Business address:

You will provide your business address, city, and country with your mobile number.

Verify your website/blog

Setup your target country and currency

Add product to google merchant center

Google sheets: You link your google sheets to GMC when you update your products in
google sheets will automatically be applied to your GMC account.

Scheduled fetch

In this method, you host a file on your website, when you update your data in this file, google merchant center
will fetch this data.

Upload your file/ Manual upload

In this method, you keep your data file on your computer and upload it regularly through manual action or SFTP, FTP
or google cloud storage.

Content API/ Direct API Connection

In this method, Some eCommerce platforms (like Shopify of them
) have a direct connection with the google merchant center. Your data
will be sent automatically to GMC and updated automatically. This method is very easy and simple.

how to link google merchant center to google ads

You can link your GMC account to your google ads words to enable your shopping ads. If you want to run ads to promote your business then you link your GMC account to google ads.
Open your GMC account, on the right side top click on the setting button, then click on the linked account.
You will see a message to link your account. click on the link button to forward the process.

Approve your GMC account

google will send an approval email to approve the link request. you can cancel the request.
click on view request to approve the request to link the accounts.

The last step is to link GMC to Google Ads

when you click on view request, then you see the message, cancel, reject, or approved. when you click on approved then your GMC account will be linked with google ads.
In last you see the link status shows active. from here you can unlink your accounts.


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